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After writing in my last blog that the Greens’ major challenge this election lay in shaking off the ‘absolutist’ and ‘wasted vote’ tags, I came across this gem of a video. According to, it is not so much the Greens’ ability to negotiate in government that is the main question mark hanging over them. Nor is it their ability to communicate effectively to present themselves as a viable alternative to the two major parties. Rather, the most cancerous, dangerous and some might say demonic attribute haunting the Greens is their lack of belief in God. The thought of such a party controlling the balance of power in the Senate is utterly horrifying.

Of course, as the video points out, the problem lies not only with the increasing prominence of the Greens. “Australia, once a Christian country, now has an atheist Prime Minister,” we are informed to the backdrop of ominous, pacing music. “Brought up a Baptist, [Julia Gillard] knows the Bible but openly and publicly rejects God. That is of great concern.” You mean she refused to take the Book at its word, making up her mind through sound and considered judgement?! Hell, things are indeed “moving fast these days.”

My favourite aspect of the video, I must say, is the fevered rage directed at the heavens by the hirsute man alongside the Greens’ logo. Holy War, now a distant possibility, would almost certainly erupt if the Greens keep going the way they have been. Equality for same-sex couples, a humane and accepting asylum seeker policy, nationalised dental care, a CPRS which doesn’t subsidise the major polluters, enhanced support for carers – divine wrath will surely be handed down on a country with such Godless and unprincipled policies. Bob Brown, Julia Gillard, take heed, Australia’s “collective Christian voices” must not be disregarded.

Words – Dylan Bird

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