What’s Rudd got to do with it?

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Kevin Rudd is the one who has had surgery but it is the Labor Party who is bleeding. The Rudd factor simply wont go away for the Labor Party and as Alf Stewart would say, they need to ruddy well do something about it and do it fast.

There was always going to be fall out in response to the way Kevin Rudd was removed so unceremoniously. That the fall out would, however, continue for so long was perhaps something the Labor did not anticipate.

Latest polls have the Coalition with the winning edge. It has left the Labor Party in what some are calling a political emergency.

The New Rudd We all Feel Sorry For

For someone who was characterized by David Marr as being solely driven by rage, Rudd has made for a very venerable character since being relegated to the backbench.

His followers on Twitter are now regaled with anecdotes of him rediscovering the art of grocery shopping and driving. It is hard not to feel sorry for him. Even the Hawke telemovie seemed to have an eerie timing to it when it aired recently on Network Ten.

Anyone who has ever felt like they have been wronged or experienced some gross unfairness can now relate to Rudd. Quite an achievement for someone who a couple of months ago was viewed as out of touch and unrelatable.

He Wont Go Away

The main reason for the Rudd factor though has been Rudd’s own refusal to quietly descend into obscurity. From the moment he turned up at question time, still red faced, a mere hours after being shafted it was obvious he was not going to go away quietly.

He has since travelled the United States meeting with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, not exactly your average backbencher behaviour. He even seemed to be sending the Party a passive aggressive message with his campaign posters which failed to mention the Labor Party.

It seems as if Kevin Rudd wasn’t motivated by rage before he is now and because of that he doesn’t seem to care how many problems he creates for the Gillard Government.

The Leaks and Calls for Rudd to Campaign

Leaks this week concerning Gillard’s lack of support for pension and paid parental leave reforms, have left the party in very vulnerable position. There have even been desperate callsfor Rudd to campaign for the party in his home state of Queensland.

For dumped prime minister, it is odd that the Labor Party fortunes seem to now sit with Rudd. All of a sudden Rudd has everything to do with it.

Do you think Rudd was wronged? How much will the way Rudd was treated affect your vote? Should he campaign for the Labor Party?

Words – Fatima Malik

Image – Vchera

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