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Bob Katter, local member for Kennedy, QLD, is the kind of person the 2010 election campaign has so far been missing. He’s 100% the real Bob and he’s not afraid to pull up his sleeves and “put up a fight”. And while he’s not looking to run the country, he does have a support base that would make both the major parties envious.

In his recent campaign video, Katter heroically lassoes the dull “moving forward” and “stop the boats” slogans of the major parties and replaces them with a promise to be “your force from the North”.

If the betting tickets are any indication of the intensity of Katter’s election battle, it seems the weight training, fruit picking and boxing – all a crucial part of his mission – won’t be necessary.

Possum Comitatus at Crikey’s ‘Pollytics’ blog has compiled a neat table that shows the average probability of Katter winning the seat of Kennedy – based on Sportsbet, Sportingbet and Centrebet figures – at a massive 87.8%.

After spending eight years as a member of the National party, Katter ran as an Independent member in 2001 and won with strong support.

Memorably, in 2008, Katter appeared on the Today show in defence of Mt Isa Councillor, John Maloney’s comments that women of “disadvantaged beauty” should come to the town to find themselves a husband.

“The comment says, if you don’t happen to look like Nicole Kidman, come to the Isa, you can have a lot of fun and that says a lot of nice things about the Isa and our outback towns,” Katter told the breakfast show.

While Katter’s campaign video is far more entertaining and engaging than anything being published by Labor and the Coalition on YouTube, he could still benefit from learning a few production techniques from people like Dale Peterson.

How is your local member campaigning in this year’s election?

Words by Joel Tozer

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