A Quick Update on ‘Real’ Politicians

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Kevin Rudd has come out declaring he will campaign nationally for the Labor Party. This video is of the majority of his speech yesterday.

I liked this video as it shows an engaged, determined politician, unafraid to speak forcefully, be passionate and shut down criticism. This speech is lacking a lot of the fear and political speech that the two leaders have been showing so far in the campaign. We know that this is not what Kevin Rudd is always like, and this kind of passionate reaction when he was being attacked over the mining measures may have stopped his slide of disapproval.

Yesterday’s Kevin Rudd may not be the ‘real’ Kevin Rudd, but it does seem like a genuine speech. What do you think of the personality battles so far? The leaks, the claims to begin being a ‘real’  (insert name), and the attacks on the morals of the opposite leader?

Words – Alina Jeeves

Image – The Age

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