GetUp! win High Court challenge

Posted on August 6, 2010 by


More than 100,000 unenrolled Australians may now have the opportunity to vote in the upcoming election, following a constitutional challenge in the High Court today.

Advocacy group GetUp! led the campaign to overturn changes made to the Electoral Act in 2006, which saw electoral rolls close the day that writs for an election were issued. This meant that people had only until 8pm to enrol to vote after the writs were issued, or three days to change their enrolment details.

GetUp! argued that the Howard governments changes to the Act were “an unconstitutional limitation on the right to vote.”

In a majority ruling by the High Court, GetUp! are hoping the changes will see more people the chance to have their voice heard on August 21.  

With just over two weeks of the campaign left, the Australian Electoral Commission will now be working hard to contact potential voters and get them on the electoral rolls.

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