Voters get in early

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Record numbers of early votes have been tallied in this year’s election, with two days of early voting still to be counted.

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) have today reported that roughly 1.8 million voters have already been registered, which represents around 12.5 per cent of all enrolled voters.

“By Wednesday 18 August the AEC had recorded 811,190 pre-poll votes cast, up 229,193 compared to the same point of time in the 2007 election [at] 581,997,” Electoral Commissioner, Ed Killesteyn said today.

With 443 187 more voters enrolled to vote than in the 2007 election, counting the votes might take longer than expected.

The AEC said that while the majority of the votes will be counted on election night, counting the votes will continue for at least two days after the election with at least 951,829 requesting a postal vote for the election.

Julia Gillard will today be trailing around the marginal seats in Sydney’s western suburbs, while Tony Abbott – who has recently vowed that he will campaign with no sleep – has been visiting the outer suburbs of Sydney this morning, but his plan for the day is unknown.

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Words – Joel Tozer

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