Abbott’s sizzling election day campaign… Spillard, the Elephant and Sausages.

Posted on August 21, 2010 by


Abbott and his family toured all the marginal seats in Sydney this morning, with a grand 7am entrance at Queenscliff… complete in an apron, manning the tongs at a free sausage sizzle.

There’s no denying the fear that’s coursing both the Liberals and the Labour party as we count down the hours to determining which party will govern the country.

In the early hours of the morning, Abbott was playing the family man (complete with wife and children), the Australian man (Aussie barbie, hanging out on the beach) and the community man (stopping to chat with locals, shaking hands and smiling and fearful babies).

His morning was not event free however. He was met by Julia Spillard and the Climate Elephant both jostling for his attention as he lined up to exercise his democratic right to vote.

Spillard interrupted his carefully constructed lines with calls for “Abbott! The boat phone for you! Abbott! Boat Phone… oh gosh, he seems to be busy, perhaps just send them away…”

And the Climate Elephant got up close and personal (well, got up close and person to his two big beefy body guards) and bade him to “Take decisive action!”, “Vote on Climate” … “Tony, at least pat my trunk”.

Needless to say, neither Spillard nor the Elephant got quite what they were looking for out of Abbott.

Oh well, at least they got a free sausage.