Greens take Melbourne!

Posted on August 21, 2010 by


Greens candidate for Melbourne has just made a stirring speech in which he declared victory in the high profile seat of Melbourne. In the speech Bandt paid homage to his opponent, Labor’s Cath Bowtell, as well as her predecessor Lindsay Tanner, whose dedication to public life he said respected deeply.

Affirming that Greens values are mainstream values, Bandt declared the party a stayer on the political scene, passionately stating that their values would ‘never be trashed for political gain.’ Marriage equality, renewable energy and health all figured strongly in his speech, which ended with Hawke’s famous line: ‘any boss who sacks an employee for not turning up to work tomorrow is a bum!’

The speech came within half an hour of a passionate performance by Richard di Natale, who stopped short of declaring a Bandt victory but announced that Melbourne was ‘on the verge of making history.’ The Greens’ clean and honest campaign was referenced a number of times in comparison to the major parties, who, di Natale claimed, ran on ‘personality over policy’ and ‘style over substance.’ Asylum seekers, climate change, health and dental care, equality in marriage and ending the Northern Territory Intervention all figured strongly in his short but impassioned speech. With all indicators pointing towards the Greens gaining the balance of power in the Senate, di Natale declared that the Greens present a ‘light on the hill, but one powered by renewable energy,’ which received rapturous applause.

With Bandt’s victory, the Greens have for the first time won a seat in the lower house of federal parliament at a general election.