The close election just got closer

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The final polls are showing today is really going to hang on a ‘knife edge’. Both polls are too close to offer any real insight, other than reinforce the message that it is one of the closest elections in a long time. It really is anyone’s guess who’ll win today.

Michelle Grattan of Fairfax wrote today that Labor leads 52 per cent in the Age/Nielsen poll to the Coalition’s 48 percent.

The poll again found that many people won’t make up their mind till they get to the polling booth. One in five say they haven’t decided or could change their mind today.

Today’s Newspoll in the Australian had the election even closer. It showed the preferred vote divided with Labor on 50.2 per cent and the Coalition on 49.8 per cent.

It has been an intense last few days for the two leaders as they tour the country in a last-ditch effort to convince swinging voters they are the best choice.

Grattan wrote that Abbott has visited 10 seats in Queensland and NSW over the past two days. He has done 35 radio and TV interviews and 15 campaign events.

Ms Gillard yesterday did about 20 radio interviews, plus two press conferences, the Today show and TV news crosses, and campaigned in four NSW seats.

Words – Zach Kitschke

Image – Davesag’s Flickrstream