Wyatt Roy to become youngest MP

Posted on August 21, 2010 by


Wyatt Roy is set to become the youngest ever Australian to be elected to parliament.

With the majority of the vote now counted the 20 year old is likely to be elected  with a vote of at least 52.39 per cent.

“Naturally, anybody who goes through a campaign understands that it’s both gruelling and it’s personally demanding, and I look forward to it being over,” he told AAP while casting his vote at a Caboolture polling booth today.

He’s also the worldwide trending topic on Twitter. Most of the chatter was positive, congratulating Mr Roy on achieving such a thing at his young age.

“Wyatt Roy, what a legend! 20 years old and an MP, what a good role model for young australians” said tweeter Shaun Diviney. Another tweeter Jessica Kata said “Wyatt Roy & Philip Ruddock are in? You can vote for children & corpses now?”