Over and out, it’s ‘too close to call’

Posted on August 22, 2010 by


The Tally Room tonight was a hive of activity tonight. Pollies here, journos there. Eyes were glued to screens as people tweeted and followed the action online. Ironically it was easier to keep up to date by staying online than wandering the Tally Room tonight.

Who would have expected that tonight would actually be ‘too close to call’, the favoured catch cry of election night commentators. Gillard said it would take days before the final result would be known, and either leader could safely assume Government.

Bob Brown was definitely the real winner tonight. The Greens experienced swings towards in them in seats across the country. AsDylan Bird reported, the Greens have picked up a possible four extra Senate seats, as well as the Lower House seat of Melbourne. A former Greens candidate and member has also taken the seat of Denison in Tasmania.

It’s looking more and more like we’ll end up with a hung parliament after today’s poll. This will be the first hung parliament since World War II and mean a unique political situation over the next few years. It won’t become apparent for some time what this will mean for the next Government’s legislative agenda.

ABC analysis now tips the Coalition to have 74 seats in the House of Representatives, with Labor on 71, four independents, and one Green.

Check back here over the next few days as Electioneering brings you a wrap up of the nights events.