Collapse of society in election video form

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On Saturday night we rejected both parties, apparently agreeing with the Chaser’s view of the situation:

The part that interests me the most is the line “the future’s fucked, the world is fucked, all of us are fucked.” The view of the coming apocalypse, the sense of disillusionment, apathy and of giving up  – the hung parliament in 1940 can’t have had this much despair. How will the future look back on these moments? Will we see this period as one of the darkest of the century? As a period where the highest amount of people tuned into a leader’s debate but our election can helpfully be summed up as this?:

Cartoon, computerised and devoid of policy? Or perhaps as wonderfully summarised by Clarke and Dawe, just weeks of inanity:

We seem to believe we’re all fucked. What happens when the world is reduce to inanity and we are told to despair for the future? Do you believe that this election is another sign of the dramatic collapse?

Words – Alina Jeeves

Image: State Library of New South Wales 1872

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