Fielding needs his head unblocked

Posted on August 28, 2010 by


As this election debarcle continued, Fielding has gone public with cries of “block the Senate! Block the Senate” if god forbid the Labor Government manage to scrounge up a government and stay in power.

It is unclear at this point (and don’t hold your breath that it will ever become apparent) what on earth Fielding hopes to achieve with his boycotting-Labor rampage.

Fielding’s (flawed) rational for the recent announcement is that the Australian public do not want a Labor Government and thus he will not let them function.

Hmmm… this is problematic in multiple ways.

  1. It’s unclear that the Australian public know what on earth they want, but the most logical conclusion given the massive shift of votes from the big two parties to a bunch of minor parties, is that they feel neither Labor nor Liberal can give them what they want.
  2. If the Labor Government do manage to form a minority government, it makes absolutely no sense (though who is to say what makes sense to someone who says the scientific fact is not real?) to render that government useless.
  3. For Fielding to have any legs at all in this ridiculous fiasco, he would need Coalition support. This, he does not have. Fortunately Abbott’s decided it’s high time that he does something reasonable, and has said that the Coalition will not be supporting Fielding’s plan to veto Labor legislation (including the Budget).
  4. Fielding’s seat is in a very very shaky state. It would be wise for him to not talk/appear/be in public until someone sits him down and explains to him the meaning of the words “rational”, “logical”, “reasonable” or “in public interest”. Could throw in “self preservation” for good measure.

ABC quoted Fielding as saying: “[People say], ‘you could determine whether there’s a stable government or not’.”

I’m not holding much hope midst the election shambles, but god forbid we ever get to a point where Fielding determines our government’s stability.

Words – Sophie Trevitt