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First time vote in Wentworth

August 21, 2010 by


No cake or caramel slice. No free sausage sizzle. Not even a brawl between the volunteers, competing with voters to take their pamphlets. While my first election vote was free of all the fripperies that I’m sure we were promised at some stage, lining up with other Wentworth voters was still exciting. At 9am, voters […]

Voters get in early

August 20, 2010 by


Record numbers of early votes have been tallied in this year’s election, with two days of early voting still to be counted. The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) have today reported that roughly 1.8 million voters have already been registered, which represents around 12.5 per cent of all enrolled voters. “By Wednesday 18 August the AEC […]

Wentworth Forum

August 20, 2010 by


Wentworth candidates are busy rounding up last minute votes in inner Sydney, with less than two days left until Australian’s hit the polling booths. Last Saturday, political activist group GetUp! hosted the Wentworth Candidates Forum at Paddington Town Hall. Oliver McColl from GetUp! said that one in nine locals are members of the political activist […]

Snowy River election buy-back

August 12, 2010 by


“Shit. Mate, I wouldn’t drink the water if I were you. It’ll give you the bloody scours,” a middle-aged man yells from his bar stool. It’s 10am at Buckley’s Crossing Hotel and the locals are drinking anything but tap water. “If you’ve come to see the Snowy River, you’ll be disappointed,” the local bar man […]

GetUp! win High Court challenge

August 6, 2010 by


More than 100,000 unenrolled Australians may now have the opportunity to vote in the upcoming election, following a constitutional challenge in the High Court today. Advocacy group GetUp! led the campaign to overturn changes made to the Electoral Act in 2006, which saw electoral rolls close the day that writs for an election were issued. […]

The missing force of Katter

August 5, 2010 by


Bob Katter, local member for Kennedy, QLD, is the kind of person the 2010 election campaign has so far been missing. He’s 100% the real Bob and he’s not afraid to pull up his sleeves and “put up a fight”. And while he’s not looking to run the country, he does have a support base […]

Big brother Abbott dips into welfare

July 28, 2010 by


All welfare recipients could lose control of at least 50 per cent of their income if a Coalition government wins the upcoming election. Giving a speech at the Sydney Institute last night, Mr Abbott called for a national welfare quarantining measure that extends the Income Management Bill currently in place in the Northern Territory. “I […]