The Electioneerers

Fraser Allison

Fraser lives in Melbourne, where he’s studying Professional Communication at RMIT University. He follows politics to make sure he never runs out of things to complain about. He’d like to see a little more tolerance and a lot more long-term thinking in our political debates; he’d also like to own a winged pony and a pet leprechaun, which is marginally more likely to happen. He once heard that in a democracy you get the leaders you deserve, and has since repented his sins to all major deities and Richard Dawkins. It doesn’t seem to have helped. Fraser also writes for a website dedicated to the serious analysis of videogames:

The thing I love most about elections is…the theatre of it: for one month, the ever-running political spin machines shift into high gear and crank out ideas, phrases, ad campaigns, soundbites and even entirely fabricated personalities (remember Kevin07?) invented by the most creative teams of modern Machiavellis money can buy. Elections also allow an unusually precise mirrored glimpse into the minds of the electorate; political campaigning is now so thoroughly pre-tested in focus groups that you can be sure that any policy announcement, no matter how seemingly wrong-headed or bizarre, was found to be popular in at least a few battleground seats.

Dylan Bird

Dylan is a twenty-three year old student currently undertaking honours in political science and social theory at the University of Melbourne. Over the past year he has worked in the field of Indigenous employment at a Victorian Government Department, as well as contributing columns and creative non-fiction to Voiceworks on a regular basis.

The thing I love most about elections is…the hope that the next political term will be better than the last.

Alina Jeeves

Alina Jeeves. 20. She is a 3rd year student at University of Melbourne, majoring in Politics and International Studies. She is currently on a leave of absence writing a novel. She doesn’t align with a political party, though today she would vote for the Greens. She believes the left/right political spectrum is obsolete, politics is an integral part of our lives whether we realise it or not, and that politics should think beyond the national.

The thing I love most about elections is… that its the moment when most Australians can actually get democratic and be involved in our government.

Zach Kitschke

A passionate political and current affairs junkie, Zach is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Communications degree at the University of Wollongong. He is also completing a cadetship at a local council. Zach’s particular areas of interests relate to young people, the environment, education and the media.

Having completed work experience with both the ABC and SBS, worked in a small business, a national bookshop chain and now in local government, Zach has a unique perspective on the issues facing young people and looks forward to covering this election from his point of view. Zach believes there is the possibility to re-enliven the political debate in this country and to move away from what he says can be a stagnant and disillusioning state of play.

The thing I love most about elections is…that they are the time things really can change. It’s when we can reframe discussions and force our political leaders to respond to the concerns of the nation. That’s why it’s important that we ask the right questions and make an informed decision about how we vote in Election2010.

Follow Zach on Twitter@zachkitschke

Fatima Malik

Fatima has many aliases; coffee fiend, travel addict and political junkie. She is currently in her last year studying Law and Journalism at the University of Technology Sydney. She has a cat named Simba.

The thing I love most about elections is….the possibility of bumping into a politician on any visit to a local shopping centre.

Follow Fatima on Twitter – @Fatima__Malik

Sophie Trevitt

Sophie is studying Arts/Law at Sydney University and is a scholarship recipient. Sophie is currently NSW Director for the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and project manager for their latest campaign Climate Reality Week. Sophie has been a part of the AYCC for almost a year, working on Australia’s first ever 3 day conference on climate change Powershift, as well as the first ever youth vote on climate change – YOUth Decide. Sophie has recently returned from working with the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation in Vietnam attempting to stop child trafficking and support street kids. Sophie is heavily involved in a wide range of Indigenous and youth issues.

The thing I love most about elections is… the potential for the general public to put pressure on politicians to make sure that their collective wishes are heard and interests upheld.

Joel Tozer

Having moved from the Snowy Mountains two years ago, Joel is currently studying journalism at the University of Technology, Sydney. He’s interested in the changing face of Australia and the many stories that come with it.

The thing I love most about elections is…. the dirty campaign tactics; kissing babies, speedo-clad protesters and endless promises.

Follow Joel on Twitter – @jttozer

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